Helping Save the Earth

Here are some of the ways you can make a positive impact on global warming. While this may seem like a lot, it's actually very simple and easy. Doing any one, or a combination of these things can effect great change on our world.

Recycling, reusing or donating everything possible
Consuming only fresh, unprocessed foods
Living simply - don't buy what you don't need
Organic gardening

Buying locally grown produce

Buying in bulk when possible
Turning off lights when not in use
Using only natural, environmentally friendly,

cruelty free household, bath & body products
Water conservation
Managing daily car routes to use less gas

and possibly having only one car
Unplugging certain electronics when not in use
Not using major appliances in the middle of the day
Use a high quality water filter to refill water bottles
Cancel magazine subscriptions
Bring your own bags when shopping 


You can watch my environmental video, Wake Up To Reality here:  Wake Up Video


Remember, all plastic bags with a recycle symbol, whether from the grocery store, produce bags, pre-packaged lettuce or vegetables, or new electronics etc . . . are usually only recycled when they are specifically taken to your local grocery store and placed in the specially provided plastic bag recycling bin. The recycling company that picks up the recyclables in my neighborhood does not recycle plastic bags and they just end up throwing them away. So be sure to check with your local recycling company to find out how to dispose of your plastic bags. The fish Thank You!

Also - please send positive energy out to the world and focus on seeing change take place rather than anything negative. If thoughts become things, then we need to visualize harmonious balance in all things. 



Like Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world."  Every little bit makes a difference

How are YOU making a difference?



If you are interested in Alicia's environmental song, for commercial or non-commercial use, please reach out at your convenience




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