Street Team

Thank you for your interest in joining the Alicia Grant Street Team. All fans are welcome, and the benefits and requirements are listed below.  We hope to see your name on the list of Active Street Team Members very soon. If you have questions feel free to send an email, via the contact link is below.

The Alicia Grant Street Team is comprised of fans who love her music and enjoy telling the world about her CD, "Moon Over Mars." There is no age limit, and you can live anywhere in the world.


Street Team members are music lovers and loyal fans who want to be part of the information process, providing ground level promotion, and widespread awareness, anywhere potential fans might be.


Street Team members are an integral part of Alicia's ongoing awareness and success.


Any fan can join the Street Team


The only requirements are: That you are passionate about Alicia's music; That you are comfortable sharing that passion and; That you own a legal copy of Alicia's CD, "Moon Over Mars," to Play for everyone you know.

If you already own the CD, send us an email and tell us where you ordered from, the date and order number. The contact link is below.


Or- if you don't have the CD yet, you can click here to order securely from Alicia Grant Music, or you can order from Amazon, Target, eBay or a variety of other major Online Music Sources. 


Remember to enter the words "Street Team" in the  "Comments" or "Referred by" section during the purchase process.


After CD confirmation, you'll receive a package containing promotional items like sampler CD's, webcards, photos and other materials to help you promote "Moon Over Mars." Plus we will keep you current and updated regarding concerts and new music.


Member Bonus

To be eligible to win cool stuff, just invite people to visit Alicia's website so they can get their own copy of "Moon Over Mars." But-be sure to have them mention your name in the "referred by" section, when they order their CD, so you can earn points towards exciting prizes and special giveaways.


As a Street Team Member, you'll be among the first to receive the most current news about Alicia, plus first grab at new photos, sneak previews and music. Plus automatic inclusion in contests, and opportunities for free passes and other concert goodies.


And besides involvement and experience, you'll have the personal satisfaction of helping expose the world to Alicia Grant and her music.


Street Team Activities


Street Team members post flyers and/or posters at schools, colleges, clubs, record stores, coffee shops, music stores, at work, the Laundromat or anywhere they'll be read, to help spread the word to everyone.


Street Team members visit online communities, post reviews, chat with other music lovers, discuss Alicia's music with friends, neighbors, relatives and even perfect strangers.


Street Team members email everyone in their address book, inviting them to visit to experience the music for themselves.


Street Team members discuss the benefits of, and encourage others to join, the Alicia Grant Street Team.


If you have a web page, you are welcome to add a link to


Street Team members invent innovative new ways to promote "Moon Over Mars" in a responsible, quality fashion.


Street Team members always conduct themselves in a quality manner whenever discussing or promoting Alicia Grant and "Moon Over Mars."


Street Team members never make, or give away, illegal copies of "Moon Over Mars."


Any Street Team Member who acts in an inappropriate manner will be disqualified.  If you have questions, feel free to email.




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